Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Question and Answer Time

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Q: When does a casual acquaintance/annoyance cross over into stalker?

A: When he comes and finds you at your substitute instructor job that's only supposed to last a week.

Luckily you are in your car, just leaving the job to go home and eat breakfast. You can just speed away, engrossed in Ladytron and pretend that you didn't see him waving frantically from his bicycle. You then call Margo, screaming about it and she tells you to call the police (and laughs at you). Let's not mention the two phone calls and two text messages that follow.

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jessiebikes said...

ha ha... maybe it was just a coincedence that he happened to bike past your work as you were leaving. good luck with that one. maybe you should tell him you have a boyfriend and have some dude around who looks menacing or threatening. do you know anyone who looks like that? you could try bringing jake maybe. he's really tall. good luck dude.