Monday, September 29, 2014

Whole Foods Underwear.

I mentioned to Ryan that I nearly bought some underwear at Whole Foods. He said good job I didn't.
"Oh no! This underwear is a melon."

The reason I was shopping for underwear* at Whole Foods is because my underwear is in a terrible state. But I've made a commitment recently cut down as much as possibly on cheap sweatshop clothes, so my underwear expenses are rather high - I mostly buy underwear from Etsy. The expense means that I can't just replace all my gross old underwear at once. 

*I wasn't shopping for underwear at Whole Foods, I was trying to find black lentils. They just happened to have underwear for sale there. 

Today my attention was brought to the artwork of Jennifer Trask. There is something I really like about the aesthetic. Something almost Victorian but executed in a modern way.