Thursday, August 18, 2016


Ryan's new kitchen knife flew off the wall and stabbed me in the leg. There was a lot of blood and handwringing and I ruined a pie and dinner. If I ever needed a beer it was that night. Aside from the whole blood-thinning aspect.

I probably needed at least a stitch because it was so deep, but I didn't have a great way of getting to urgent care. 

It took awhile (days) to stop bleeding every time I did anything mildly strenuous. And then there was the day I went to work in 90+ weather and jeans and sweat kept creeping into it and stinging it like knives of fire.

It turned out that I was allergic to the adhesive paper tape I used to attach gauze to my leg, so the surrounding skin got really inflamed. I switched to large band-aids, but they removed chunks of skin every time I changed them, so now it looks really weird. The skin that had the allergic reaction is sloughing off and the scabs from the band-aids are in a funny pattern. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Weary Pug

Today, I encountered a lady half-lying, half-sitting on the pavement, outside a pizza place. I noticed her about a block or two away, she had a funny blue mobility trike thing - not electric - next to her and a small dog.

When I first saw her, I thought she might have fallen down and was maybe unable to get up, so I made eye contact when I got near enough to her and was getting ready to ask if she needed help.

But before I could, she asked me if I had a cell phone.

The small dog was an extremely overweight elderly pug who wore a weary expression, punctuated with a tongue that he was either unable or could not be bothered, to keep in his mouth.

"My dog has dislocated his hip and I need to call my friend."

I said, "Of course." and dialed the number she gave me - she seemed not to want to take both hands off the dog and asked me to dial. She left a message for her friend, while the phone was ringing, she explained that she had a broken foot and gestured to the trike.

She left a message for her friend - I posited that her friend had not picked up because of my out of the area area code. I asked her if she needed anything else, like help getting into a chair.

"No, no. I need to be down here with him."

She patted him on the butt and he looked around wearily. I don't think he gave a shit where she was, but lying on the ground with him seemed to make her feel better.