Tuesday, July 29, 2008

busy busy busy

Still alive...very busy...proper post soon. So it goes.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Wet Blankets

www.wetblankets.blogspot.com: things to say at parties that do the opposite of breaking the ice.

Coming soon. Depending on the Bizri-Laziness gene.

Weddings and fraudulent checks.

Fraudulent Check Man sent a fraudulent check. Ryan's on the horn with the FTC as I speak. The best part is it is so fake, it might as well have been written in crayon.
IN OTHER NEWS, we finally had the wedding. It was a little overwhelming to have all those people in one place. But fun, lots of fun. Pictures soon.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

hair cutty.

I got my hair cut at a fancy pants place today. It looks about as good as had I done it myself, which is what I have been doing since I was a freshman in high school and too punk rock to go to a hair cutting place. When I became a senior, I decided at the urging of my certain people and to the horror of my trainer (hunter riders have a strict dress code and part of it is to have your long flowing hair pulled over your ears and tucked under your helmet), to cut it all off to about 1 inch in length. Now in retrospect, when I see photos of it, it didn't look bad. BUT. At the time, I hated, hated, hated it. I already had a tom boy complex and that hair cut made me feel even less feminine and at even more of a loss with regards to understanding that it was okay to be a girl and like girly things, no matter what I had been told by certain rather influential people. That was the last time I paid anyone to cut my hair.

In other news, all my aunts are here plus one cousin. Amazing! If it weren't such a giant pain in the bottom and if I weren't dreading the actual day more than I dread visits to the doctor (more than visits to the special lady doctor, even!), I would have a wedding every year!

Monday, July 14, 2008


A while ago, I posted this entry. La Nina then directed me to hotchickswithdouchebags.com. Today, my friend Talia forwarded me a link to a story of star crossed love betweent Olga and Dimitri, set in the Marina district of San Francisco. I, in turn, sent her to hotchickswithdouchebags.com, as Dimitri is such a douchbag, I was hoping to find his picture on the site.

She found the following picture, on the site. This is The Batbag, winner of 2007's Douchiest Super Hero award.
This is Talia, on her wedding day. Isn't she radiant?

And here is Talia on her Bachelorette night:

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Room for Rent in San Francisco

Hello all,

Please pass this on to the homeless nearest and dearest to your heart.

Thank you kindly. And yes Stephen, I still live amazlingly, stupendously far from the mission. At least 10 minutes.



Bright, beautiful br w/ bath. Cheerful roomies.

About us:

- I am a San Francisco State graduate student in my mid thirties, studying research psychology. Former room mates have described me as easygoing, cheerful and pleasant.
- My girlfriend Kate is a designer, and creates product packaging for one of those fancy-pants design firms that San Francisco is famous for. You have seen her work at your local supermarket/grocery/corner store, or the hackneyed “been living under a rock/on a desert island/in a monastery” applies. (That is a bit of an exaggeration. I am sure I will get into a lot of trouble when she reads this.) She is also a nice person to be around.
- I am vegan and Kate is vegetarian. Neither of us faint at the sight of meat, nor have we lived with a vegetarian roommate. We enjoy to cook and do so often. Our lives are busy and cluttered, but we do our best to make sure that common areas are not. We smoke cannabis. We don’t smoke cigarettes. We have our friends over every so often for dinner.

We are looking for:

- An easy going, considerate roommate knows how to pick up after themselves, pay their share of the bills and plays well with others. We are open to well-behaved, well cared-for pets. There are hopes to add a dog to our household, though these are still in the early stages – we intend to figure out the ifs-and-whens when you are here to discuss them.

The apartment:

The room is about 14 x 13 with a 15 foot ceilings, and a full length built-in closet. The house itself is a bit over 1000 ft.², a top (third) floor corner unit with views of McClaren park. Amenities:

- Washing machine and dryer
- Dishwasher, microwave, gas stove, garbage disposal.
- Full bathroom of your own (We use the other one).
- Back deck (We should use it more often)
- Internet access, and a generous selection of digital media: several terabytes movies, tv shows, documentaries and music. And every xbox game ever created, though we never play those these days. We don’t have cable – bit torrents make it a tad redundant. There is a cable hook-up in your room, should you require it.
- Plenty of permit-free street parking (Hah! Let’s see the other ads you read today top that :>), and parking space for a motorcycle in the garage.

Location :

- Less than two miles from the Balboa Park BART station and the 280 freeway, and an equal distance in the opposite direction from the 3rd St Muni line, the Bayshore Caltrain station and the 101. The 9x bus stops right outside, and the 29 stops about five minutes walk away. Kate takes the bus and Muni to work. I take the bus to school. Stonestown and Serramonte Malls are a few minutes drive.
- Right next to McLaren Park, the second largest stretch of open space in the city after the golden gate, and just below San Bruno Mountain. McLaren Park has a leash free zone, multiple basketball courts, and plenty of open space for games and picnics. There’s also lovely long walks with views — this is not a park you will get bored walking your dog with. If you like the outdoors, San Bruno mountain is one of San Francisco’s best kept secrets. Fortunately, the fires last week did not do much damage.

We are taking pictures today. Let us know, we’ll send them to you.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

It just keeps getting better!

My brother and his girlfriend are also being entertained by Craigslist, seeing as they are advertising for a roommate:

i'm looking to sublet a room from 15th-18th. i noticed yar place is walking distance to cow palace and its where i will be during that week. i am trying out for the american idol auditions and i really really need a place to stay very bad. i'll be coming from LA, 25yo, recent college grad in biology, hoping my luck at a shot of stardom in the music industry.

all i need is a place to sleep and shower. will not use laundry or kitchen.

let me know if you are cool with this idea. i am on a tight budget and i hope to be considered. how much do you think is a fair price for these dates?

Kate said that her favourite part was the "yar" in the second sentence and I have to agree. I told her to ask for credit in the liner notes as part of the rent.

Maybe I am old fashioned, but I find the trend towards bad grammar, poor spelling and lack of proper punctuation extremely distasteful. Emails are such a poor way of communicating properly in the first place, why eliminate 75% of the tools we have to make ourselves and our intentions understood? In addition to this, the very fact that you choose not to use these tools suggests that you are uneducated, lazy or both. Whether or not that is true, is that something you really should be projecting to total strangers from whom you are asking a favour??

ADDENDUM: Just found out his email address name is "Mystery Guy". NO JOKE.

Craigslist follies, cont.

I did write back to him. The email follows.

Please make out the cashier's check for the purchase price of the
motorcycle, $3500, plus your shipping costs to

David Ryan D---------
1--- B-----Street
P--------, CA 9----

Also, please send to me your name and physical address, so that I can
make sure shipping details are in order before I send the motorcycle
with your shipping people.


I've never seen a fraudulent check before. I'm hoping it arrives
before we leave.


Ryan's first name is not David, by the way. Also, completeley unrelated to Craigslist, but still worthy of a note in my "odd things that happen" file, I wrote this yesterday at the airport:

I'm totally just about to get on a plane with Chris Matthews. Not that I think traveling with celebrities is really that big of a deal or anything, I just think the way I recognized him was funny:

Hey. That guy looks familiar. Is he an actor? Some 80's actor? God he looks depressed. He looks grumpy. I think he's someone who shouts a lot.

Is there an 80's actor who shouted a lot? No. He's not an actor. I think he shouts at people. OH. It's that guy from one of those shows that my father leaves on the television, that one where he shouts at people....what's his name?? Oh yeah, Chris Matthews!

For those of you who don't have a father who likes to rant at televisions, Chris Matthews is one of those "hard-hitting" journalists who asks the "tough" questions. His program is called Hardball with Chris Matthews. I've never liked what little I've seen of him and I'd like to point out that the picture on his website is severely photoshopped. He doesn't have creamy skin and rosy cheeks. He looks more grizzled in real life as well as considerably more "melted". But he had a Hardball back pack, so it had to have been him (I guess even famous people use their company swag). To be fair though, I did see him in an airport and it is a little below the belt to judge people when you see them in an airport. They are probably looking their absolute worst and feeling like crap. I know I was. Then I got on the plane and sat next to a man who had such terribly wind, I couldn't sleep.

Ahh, airtravel. I can't wait to go again and pay a large sum of money to be treated like a hostage for 5 hours. No food, barely enough liquid to keep one hydrated, and trapped in small space and very limited opportunity to relieve oneself.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Funny things from Craigslist (again)

Ryan sold his motorbike using one of my favourite avenues for sampling the colourful soup that is the rest of the population, Craiglist. Here is a note he received from someone, in response to his ad.

Williams Smith:

am interested in buying the bike get back
to me with more info and how long you have owns it and also like to
know if you re the original owner.

Ryan's response:

Sorry, the bike has been sold. I'll pull the ad this evening when I
get home from work.


Now the strange bit:

Got it i will like to purchase as it is, and like to make the
payment asap and the payment we be via cashiers check that
i will send to you so get to me with your name and address to write
the check out.And concerning the shipping i will handle
the shipping via my shipping company so all i need to do now is to
send you a check of excess fund so you can deduct your
money and send the excess to my shipping who is currently in bay area
for the pick at yourresidence after the check clears
to my house here in Florida so get back to me with the info to send
the check out.please contact me now for immediate
Am happy doing business with you.

After I read the above correspondence, I came up with a response, although I suspect Ryan will just ignore Mr. Williams Smith.

Dear Strange Person Who Clearly Does Not Read Very Well,

As I stated earlier, I have already SOLD THE BIKE. In addition to this, I refuse to do business with scam artists. Maybe you aren't a scam artist. If not, I strongly suggest you learn to write properly because your illiteracy strongly suggests to me that if you are not trying to "pull something" to use the parlance of our times, you would be incapable of completing even the smallest of transactions, let alone something that involved shipping a $3500 bike across the United States.

I am curious though: what the hell were you planning on doing?


Around the corner from our new house in Ithaca:

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Another hedge fund manager bites the dust. Well. Fakes biting it.

Chat from several months ago:

1:28 PM me: I've been following the Norman Hsu case. I think it's really funny.
I'm not sure why.
1:29 PM His pictures make him look like a basset hound.
He's also a moron.
I also think the phrase "Ponzi scheme" is funny. That might be part of it.
1:35 PM Ryan: I haven't heard of Norman Hsu.
I'll look it up
1:36 PM me: He's that democratic fund raiser from Hong Kong that was recently discovered to have a 15 year old outstanding warrant for his arrest in SM county.
Ryan: right
I recall now
me: He was summarily arrested and then brought to court, at which point he convinced them he was not a flight risk.
Then he took flight.
No one knew where he went.
1:37 PM Until he fell violently ill on a train in Colorado.
He will be extradited to California, where I imagine he will try and convince them that he is not a flight risk.
1:38 PM Ryan: which will probably not work again
1:39 PM and there are now charges against him in NY
me: He has since been found to be the mastermind of a Ponzi scheme, which was how he was getting the $850,000 he gave to Hillary Clinton's campaign in addition to the other money he has donated to the Democratic party.
Ryan: the NY fraud charges include investments totalling more than 40M$.
1:40 PM me: Yep. The reason he was caught in CO was because he fell "violently ill."
on the train.
1:41 PM I think that phrase itself is really, really funny.
Ryan: I imagine him throwing up in someone's lap
me: Violently!
Ryan: causing grievous bodily harm

I bring this chat to your attention because I found that story so funny. I mean, stuff like that doesn't even happen in movies. Why? Because even in the most farcical Schwarzeneggar/Van Damme/Segal movie the writers would find the whole story utterly implausible.

Maybe it isn't right to laugh at people who are obviously so sick in their heads with their megalomania that they actually believe they can get away with things like this. But here's another story that I find hilarious for the same, campy, ludicrously tragic (and tragically ludicrous) reasons.

A Paul Giamatti* doppelganger and former hedge fund manager, faked his own suicide by dramatically parking his car on a bridge, already popular amongst those wishing to kill themselves. He scrawled the words "Suicide is Painless" (I love it!) in the dust on his hood and then disappeared.


"“I’ll believe it when I see a body,” said Ross B. Intelisano, a lawyer at Rich & Intelisano, a law firm in New York. The firm is representing 20 investors who lost about $25 million in the collapse of Bayou, which was based in Stamford, Conn. “All of the clients I spoke to, their initial reaction was that it’s a ruse. It’s just another fraudulent act.”" -NYT

Apparently his mother talked him into turning himself in today. A big Edna Krapappel "HA!" for that one.

PS. I'd like to add that I drank Pinot Noir before Sideways came out AND I never saw it. I do love Paul Giamatti though, mainly for his portrayal of Harvey Pekar in American Splendor.