Monday, June 27, 2016

My neighbour sucks.

"Alice your neighbor is 100% right - now it's America's turn to leave the European Union. God it just makes so much sense"
-My friend, Jon.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Trip back to Ithaca

We went back to Ithaca this last weekend for a wedding and saw a lot of our friends. It was a bittersweet weekend and I kept getting teary and a little angry at Ryan who doesn't think he can find the right job there. I told him it was awful that he was trying so hard to make getting back to California work but seemingly unwilling to work that hard to get back to Ithaca. Sure the job market might be better in the bay area, but I don't want to live in the bay area. It's full of the same people that live here, in Massachusetts.

I'm fairly certain it's possible, we just have to want it enough to make it work.

Maybe I'm being too selfish, but I feel like after eight years of Ryan's work dictating where I live, I need to be a little more demanding or I'm going to be miserable.