Monday, June 4, 2007

I can't wait for this movie:

The movie is called "Crazy Love" and it is about Bert and Linda Pugach. Here is a short summary of their story:

Linda Riss met Burt Pugach in 1957. They had a relationship for about a year, during which she discovered he was married. After realizing his promises to divorce his wife were not going to be followed through with, she left him. He stalked and threatened her and upon discovering her engagement to someone else, he hired somone to throw lye in her face, permanently disfiguring her and causing damage to her eyes that resulted in blindness later on. He went to jail for 14 years, proposed to her via television on the day of his parole (he wasn't allowed to ask her directly due to the restraining order preventing him from contacting her) and 8 months later they were married.

Weird huh? You always ask yourself (at least I do), how much of myself am I willing to comprimise in order to not be alone. For me, comprimising myself too much is a mistake I'm not willing to make again. These two people either have a really incredible sense of humor or none at all. I tend to think it is the former, based on this quote I found in the New York Times:

"Mrs. Pugach, who's skin looks remarkable for her 67 years, responds to compliments by saying "Lye is good for the skin but bad for the vision." When asked if his wife holds a grudge, Mr. Pugach, now 76, replied with a smile "She doesn't throw it in my face.""


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