Wednesday, February 20, 2008

143 million pounds of beef

I'd like to point out that 143 million pounds of beef was recalled -the largest amount ever- due to abusive mishandling of sick cows, namely prodding and harassing "downer" cows (ones that are unable to walk) with electric prods and forklifts, to slaughter. I'm pointing it out because I think it deserves more attention than it received and I'd like to say "fuck you" to the beef lobby, I'm sure it was you who was responsible for the Sunday release of the story and it's subsequent burial. I'm also pointing it out because I think that the fact that the term "downer cows" exists is disgusting, as it demonstrates exactly how prevalent "downer" cows are.

Here is the NY Times version of the story, published yesterday (I heard about it on the radio on Sunday) but buried in the Business section. As far as I know it did not appear on the front page, I had to find it by using the search function.

I'd also like to direct my dear readers who simply must eat meat (must you?) to this website:

It is a much more humane way to get your meat and, I'm told, much tastier. Carrie is a very nice person and has done a lot of research putting the project together.

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