Monday, February 11, 2008

Angels & Airwaves

I've decided to try some free lance writing and I was given a "test" assignment this afternoon. I'm supposed to write a band biography of the band "Angels & Airwaves." Unfortunately, this band is awful. It features the lead singer of Blink-182 among other pop punk sensation band members. The worse part is that all the interviews I find of the above mentioned lead singer, Tom Delonge, he seems to take himself as a serious musician.

I mean, on par with the likes of Roger Waters, Robert Smith and Sting in regards to influence (I use those examples because he himself mentions them in this comically egotistical interview) .

As far as I can tell, he's made a career of writing 3 chord songs and having a stupid haircut. Not that all 3 chord songs are terrible, but his certainly are. It's like he thinks that because he can sell out a stadium just as easily as they can, his music is as influential, meaningful, innovative and lasting as Dark Side of the Moon or Regatta de Blanc, when really it bears about as much influence on music as the Monkees. I hardly think that in 10 years there are going to be emerging bands listing Blink-182 or Tom Delonge as any sort of influence other than trying to avoid selling out as they have done.

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