Thursday, February 21, 2008


-I've been asked to locate a specific American Idol clip, download it and turn it into something that can be used to demonstrate individuality. Apparently the show (I've not watched it) is "deep" and exemplary of the current popular temperament of approval seekers - "it's not about the contestants, it's about Simon Cowell" and his ability to command legions of idiots with his approval or disapproval.
I don't want to watch any American Idol. Ever. Ever, ever, ever. Yesterday it was Life of Brian which was mildly tolerable but still irritating. I find it funny that I'm supposed to demonstrate "lemming*" mentality and how pervasive it is by using a film that everyone has seen, too many times. "Oh you're English? I just love British Comedy! Have you seen the Life of Brian?!"

-6 more days of waking up early. 6 more days.


*by "lemming" mentality, I am of course referring to the early 90's video game because in actuality, the small rodents do not follow each other around, committing mass suicide. This was a myth that was made famous by a Disney documentary, where they chased lemmings over cliffs in order to make their "facts" "true".

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