Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Spoil Her Valentines Day

The other day, we were on a shopping trip to the Milk Pail to buy some vegetables for a leek and potato soup (we made it last night and it was delicious, similar to this recipe).

Ryan mentioned as we walked from the car buying me a teddy bear for Valentine's Day and I burst out laughing.

"You would never, ever buy me a teddy bear."

"You're right. You got me."

There was some talk of exactly why he would never buy me a teddy bear, something along the lines of what's the point, it just sits around, I'm a grown woman, etc.
I got to work this morning and have had occasion to glance at the television screen that is just above my computer monitors, partially obstructed by a pillar.

Right now, a cross eyed black man is arguing with a bearded man in a tan suit with a pink tie. The pink tie standing in front of a green screen, displaying a picture of what looks like Big Ben. It's on mute, so I'm just watching their faces while they shout.

There was a commercial earlier for Teddy Bears that you can buy online. Yesterday, it was really ugly pajamas - cotton knit shapeless pink tank tops with baggy flannel trousers or red velor twin sets. One set I noticed were pink and featuring candy hearts with cutesy phrases written on them.

In the commercial, the women comes down some stairs with an alluring look on her face while an anxious and apparently aroused male watches. She seems quite pleased and unabashed to dance around for him despite the unflattering nature of her garments.

It's such a dischord: cheesy shots of champagne and roses on a bed and then an embarrassingly-over-30 woman walks in wearing pajamas that 13 year old might find babyish and embarrassing to bring on a sleep over.

You can purchase these pajamas at the following website:

The website has a particularly poor design: when I first visited it I perceived the text on one side to read

"Spoil Her Valentines Day"

When really it reads:

"Spoil Her This Valentines Day"

Perhaps it was some sort of subconscious reading because anyone who gave me anything as hideous as those pajamas would certainly spoil my day, Valentine's or not.

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