Friday, March 14, 2008

I am -alas- forgettable.

It seems, once again, that people do read this blog after all. In September, I wrote about not liking doughnuts and in it, I mentioned a frustrating conversation with a then friend of mine, Jared Raskind. He, apparently, found my blog and didn't remember me, leaving the following comment:

"UHHHHH....who are you? This is "photographer Jared Raskind"
I don't remember this conversation. Please refresh my memory."

Oh well. People may read my blog, but it turns out I am forgettable. We were quite good friends for a few months, going to get dinner here and there. We went sea kayaking once. Then he casually mentioned that he was thinking of moving to LA. I never heard from him again. I met him through an ex boyfriend and then summarily started casually dating his other friend, who became his roommate and who is now his business partner (the "Smallz" in Smallz and Raskind).

I hope that he didn't take offense to my entry about our conversation regarding Steven Spielberg, I was merely trying to point out my frustration with having opinions associated with a certain "kind of person" but not necessarily feeling like I am that particular person and feeling punished for having opinions. I really enjoyed his friendship as brief as it may have been, I enjoyed that he argued with me.

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