Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bad ideas made worse by cheesy mascots

While doing research today, I came across pickle flavoured ice lollies (or "popsicles" as I think they are referred to in this country) -the idea is as thoroughly revolting as the previously mentioned Cel-Ray drink.

According to the "culinary experts of Texas" though, I'm wrong and they're delicious.

I'm not sure really what the point is. Pickle juice is rather disgusting. The product itself isn't made out of the leftover liquid after you finish a jar; it's made from pickles themselves.

So why not just eat frozen pickles? Or regular pickles?

The answer:

Because then you don't get to have a cheesy mascot + sidekicks. And isn't that the sweetest taste of all?


La Nina said...

This is blowing my mind. Pickle Juice is vinegar, or salt water, or sugary vinegar, depending on what kind of pickles we're talking about. Yet the culinary experts of Texas claim that pickle juice is a vegetable? That makes no sense. AND. There appears to be no wooden stick with a groan inducing joke printed on it in these ice lollies. WTF? And now it's approved FOR SALE TO SCHOOLS!? I'm totally convinced now, that home-schooling is the answer.

alice said...

Did you see the comment on the website from the guy who said that he would not purchase them again unless they started manufacturing with sticks?
Also, re: homeschooling. I think a lot of people who homeschool their children subject them to even weirder and more ludicrous things than frozen pickle sticks. For example creationism?? come on!

La Nina said...

Usually homeschooling is for people who don't want their kids exposed to the status quo of public education, which in some cases, means evolution. I thought though that "don't eat/drink pickle juice" was something our schools WOULD support, much as they did when I was a little girl and we had many lessons on what things in the classroom we should not eat.

(I remember one in particular about ink. It happened after we read a misleading Shel Silverstein poem)