Monday, April 14, 2008

broked window


Why don't you give me a call tonight when you guys are wrapping up this evening and we'll go from there - I'll see if Margo & David want to join us. As far as Sunday goes, I think that John's thing starts at 6 but I have to double check...

Here's a funny story: I'm sitting at on my couch, having just got home from work and in a fit of appreciation for the amazing weather, decided to open every single window in my house. I started with the back door and the kitchen, moved into the dining room and then the set on the side of the living room, finally getting to the windows in the front, above the couch.

Ryan is always warning me about opening the front windows - one side is painted shut and the other is hanging on by one hinge. I threw caution to the wind and opened the first side, (the side that opens) rationalizing that if the window fell off it's one hinge, the rental company would be forced to send someone out to fix the window. I was incited then, perhaps by the fresh air, to push once again against the painted shut side - surely just a little push might dislodge the paint at least a little. With my palm pressed against the frame and my fingers against the metal at the bottom, I gave it a gently shove only to have the entire window fall out of the frame and shatter on the deck.

The good news is that the rental company did send someone out immediately - to replace the entire window no less. I still feel like an idiot though.


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