Monday, June 23, 2008

Time Zones

This morning I was woken up at 5:30 in the am by someone incapable of subtracting 3 from 8:30. My instinct at when the phone rings at 5:30 am is to assume that someone has died, which makes the chemicals in my brain go cuckoo-bananas! and I am rendered unable to go back to sleep, even after discerning that it was Don from Prestigious Traditional Homes or something or other, trying to rent a house in Lansing to me. Thank you very much, Don from Prestigious Traditional Homes or whatever it is your rental company is called, I do not want to live in Lansing, I want to live in Ithaca, in a nice house downtown with a yard for my dog, like the one you had advertised.

I'm so resentful at having been woken up two times by this same person (he called Saturday morning at 8:45 am - a more respectable hour but still impolite) that I can't bring myself to return his phone call. There are some other factors as well - feeling a little baited by his ad and also the knowledge that he's going to try and convince me to do everything via fax and email, instead of arranging for me to see it in person, when I make my trip out to secure our lodgings.

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