Monday, July 14, 2008


A while ago, I posted this entry. La Nina then directed me to Today, my friend Talia forwarded me a link to a story of star crossed love betweent Olga and Dimitri, set in the Marina district of San Francisco. I, in turn, sent her to, as Dimitri is such a douchbag, I was hoping to find his picture on the site.

She found the following picture, on the site. This is The Batbag, winner of 2007's Douchiest Super Hero award.
This is Talia, on her wedding day. Isn't she radiant?

And here is Talia on her Bachelorette night:

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La Nina said...

That look on Talia's face in the last picture? Is why I am planning my own vadge party. Batdouche is so not invited!