Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Craters of the Moon

The next stop on our trip was Craters of the Moon National Monument. This place was miles and miles and miles of lava bed. Besides the fact that it was awestrikingly amazing, it was virtually deserted, which added to the ambiance of the place. It was really quiet and a little windy, it really felt other worldly. Ryan compared it to Mordor, because he's a geek and I compared it to a more realistic Lost In Space backdrop, because, well, I like camp.

Now that I've confessed those less than flattering things about the two of us, I will let the pictures do an infinitely better job of expressing how awesome (in the traditional, Webster's English Dictionary use of the term) this place was:

And here's the best part:

That's Jeeves "burying" a bone. I think I may have the most eccentric dog on the planet.

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