Monday, August 18, 2008

For Heavens Sake, Jeeves!

Hello, hello.

I've moved from my beautiful west coast to the strange and exotic east coast. Part 1 of my travels:

The departure.

We spent our last day in Palo Alto meeting with the landlord and then making kimchee with my brother and finally our answer to cup o noodles garbage (diced zuchini, carrots and whatever other vegtable that is good just barely cooked tossed into a hot miso broth - or whatever other quick broth you might like and quick cooking noodles, such as rice or buckwheat) soup for my mother, brother and Margo and David who came to wish us safe journeys, with champagne and gas cards - I thought it was quite exemplery of who they are: Margo bringing the fun and David bringing the practicality. It was touching to see how excited he was for us and really hard to say goodbye to Margo.

We started our trip by heading to Sacramento to spend 2 days with Ryan's family, which I'm very glad we did. As we'd put off making actual route plans, save telling one or two people we'd be dropping in on them, we took some time (with our newly acquired >free< Gordon Cole out of my head. "I'M ON MY WAY TO BEND, OREGON. OFFICIAL BUSINESS. REAL HUSH-HUSH. GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU."

Anyway. The drive up was beautiful. We stopped in Klamath Falls and ate nutritional yeast on bread with olive oil and Tapatío sauce. There was a drunk guy using his mac at the table next to us: he kept burping loud beer burps and then looking in our direction.

After Klamath, we headed up to Bend, which I'd heard nice things about. Unfortunately, the camp ground was maybe the worst of the whole trip: we were sandwiched between a family that had 2 annoyng terriers ("Harley" and "Muffin" - I learned this because it was shrilly yelled out a number of times) and 3 annoying children (the perpetrators of the shrill yelling) and a British family with 2 sullen faced hipster kids that sat watching a movie on a laptop until it was time to leave the campgrounds and go for pizza. From my notebook: "It seems that a lot of people like to drive to the edge of regular civilization and sleep next to their car, feeling it to be a positive, healthful venture for them and their children. Jeeves feels the same way as I do about the fatties surrounding us, but is more vocal about it."

There was a beautiful river nearby, where we took Jeeves, allowed him to relieve himself and then forced him to go swimming. Then we made him sleep outside because he was so filthy. The next day, we packed up, took him to the river and then jumped back in the car and headed to Boise, Idaho, to visit 2 friends.

He was so filthy afterwards we forced him to sleep under the rainfly. He was not happy about this.

Here are some photos from the trip so far:

Urinal in Oregon

I love kitschy motel signs. Love 'em, love 'em, love 'em.

This is what our dear little dog did for the entire trip.

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La Nina said...

Aw, poor Jeeves! I still bet it was a positive, healthful venture for him.