Friday, December 12, 2008

More Liberal Elitism

Call me a member of the liberal elite, but, well, um, duh (from Slate):

Places that went for Obama are richer and smarter than places that went for McCain.

I'm didn't just post this because I voted for Obama either. I'm not so delusional as to think that Obama is going to save the world like we all want him to. He did, after all, choose Hilary Clinton as his Secretary of State. But still. A competent, well adjusted politician verses a past-it (who doesn't use email in this day and age?) toady* and his gun toting, uneducated hillbilly of a running mate who nobody (including the ) even likes?

*and before you even dare think the word "maverick" [shudder, shudder] and start claiming that he's not like other Republicans (he is, he really, really is), what kind of "maverick" allows this man to pick your running mate after being told "no" to your first and second choices.
Here are some pictures to calm you down.

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