Friday, December 5, 2008

My favourite action hero: Huell Howser

When I lived in SB, I became a fan of Huell Howser. His grasp of the overtly obvious, his almost cartoonish mannerisms and accent and his terrible, terrible clothes. I love it when he does things he's been expressly instructed not to do. I could go on, but it's all summed up here in the Huell Howser Drinking Game.

Here's a clip of him talking to the border patrol - while the first bit is hilarious, what with the Mexican making a break for it while the interview is happening, make sure you continue to watch the whole thing, because the ending is classic Huell, with him repeating himself constantly while irritating/confusing his interview subject with inanity:


Here's some more Huell:


Paul said...

Huell Howser is amazing. There's a great special where he goes to Australia, and is astonished that other places besides California have earthquakes too.

Incident Alice said...

Huell Howser in Australia. I can only imagine. "You mean everything's not upside down here? And in the summer it's actually winter? Amaaaaaaazing."