Monday, January 26, 2009

Yam Soup

Last night, I made Fantasy-ish Fudge from the 101 Cookbooks Blog. It's in the fridge setting at the moment, but based on the spoon licking that I did last night, I'm looking forward to it.

I had leftover coconut milk from the fudge and 2 yams, so the obvious choice for dinner was:

Yam Soup.

First I baked the yams in the oven until they were nice and soft. While this was happening, I tossed some Quorn in a pan with garlic, pepper and soy sauce. I'm not the biggest fan of Quorn, with it's long ingredients list, but it adds some protein and texture when needed. It's better than some other, similar products.

When the yams were ready, I took them out, peeled them (Jeeves had a lovely breakfast this morning of cooked yam peelings and dog kibble) and put them in a bowl with some soy milk and mixed it into a slurry. I'm sure a lot of people at this point would have shoved it through a siv, but I feel like that sort of thing is a little wasteful, both time wise and resources wise. I might do it if we had dinner guests over (and maybe save the leftover stuff for stock?).

I tossed chopped onions and sliced garlic into a sauce pan with some olive oil. I stirred it around a bit so as to get the scrummy browning bits of the bottom of the pan and did this until the onion was translucent. At this point, I added the yam slurry, the coconut milk, ground black pepper, salt and curry powder (about 2 teaspoons). I also added the Quorn (making sure to spatulate the frying pan so as to get the garlic and olive oil into the pot as well) and some frozen peas.

I squeezed half a lemon in, to balance out the sweetness of the coconut milk and yams and a little more salt, to taste.


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