Friday, February 6, 2009

Felicia's Atomic Lounge plus I'm behind on my Things

I'm behind on my Thing-A-Day. Here's the latest thing:

Anyway. I'm going to make up for it today, as yesterday I was a little swamped with work and the creativity was sapped out of me. I need to make a birthday card for Ryan - I feel like I've got a handle on the felting thing and the rest of the Ron Replacement Placemat and Coaster set will take longer than a day per piece. On to smaller and less time consuming things!

In other news: I may have a job interview next week. It's a part time job at a software company. I'll still be able to work for Paula, but I'll have a little extra cash for clothes and trips home. Plus it'll get me out of this house.

In other, other news, I'm going to see a band tonight called the Hogwashers and a bar called Felicia's Atomic Lounge. This is exciting for several reasons. One, it's live music. (Remember the days when I used to post all the shows I was going to up here? Because I lived in/near a big city that had actual shows that I would want to go to? So much so that I would have to choose? What a great hobby that was!) Two, it's at a place in Ithaca that serves cocktails and vegan/vegetarian food. It's a bar with an ethos! Just like home! Three. My best friend from elementary school is in town this weekend, because she got waitlisted at Cornell Vet School. How awesome is that?

Pretty awesome.

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