Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Further to my adventures

Apropos to this afternoons blog entry, this takes place in Ohio:
Mk: yeah.
7:07 PM Ok. So I was helping my aunt go grocery shopping
and she was telling me about this delicious appetizer she makes...
7:08 PM by tossing a bag full of frozen meatballs into a crock pot and filling it up with grape jelly and cocktail sauce
me: That sounds just awful.
Mk: I tried very hard to mask the horrified look on my face
me: awful
7:09 PM Mk: and thought to myself that my aunt has gone completely insane and what person on earth could possibly ever want to eat any combination of those ingredients
we got to the checkout-stand
and the cashier was ringing us up...
she sees the grape jelly, cocktail sauce and meatballs and says
7:10 PM "Oh! you're planning to make Jelly Meatballs! I love those!"