Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Huge storm and neck warmer

The huge storm I mentioned in the last post is apparently happening at the moment. Except, it's not as big it was threatened: I think we are getting the edge rather than the middle.

Ithaca is not as snowy as people who you tell you are moving there would like you to believe. Sure, it's snowier than Palo Alto, but a lot of places are. Everyone who had heard of Ithaca gave us the, "Better get used to winter! It's really snowy there! Snow all winter! Snow, snow, snow!" upon hearing we were moving here.

But it's no where near as snowy as Tahoe, which was what we thought about when we thought "lots of snow".

So right now, it's snowing, it's been snowing all day. Outside is very quiet - the noise is dampened by the snow. And to be fair, there is quite a bit of it. But in a few days it will melt and outside will be wet and grey and ugly.
Anyway. I'm glad of the opportunity to experience several "real winters".

Here's what I've been up to, when not working:

It's a birthday present for my friend Casey, who hopefully doesn't read this blog.


Lister said...

I had the same sort of experience when I moved to Portland, but it was about rain. People told me it rained all the time there, rain rain rain, better take an umbrella!

I moved up there because I love the rain.

Most of the time, it does not rain in Portland. More often than in Silicon Valley, certainly, but in Portland it rains less often than it's sunny.

I was complaining about this deception once to my then-girlfriend, a Portland native. She told me, "Oh, that's just something we say to keep the Californians from coming here."


Incident Alice said...

I love rain too!

Move to Ithaca, we have lots of rain. All summer long.