Monday, May 17, 2010

Locally sourced, seasonal fruit at Waffle Frolic.

The cashier at Waffle Frolic offered me bananas as my fresh fruit choice yesterday. This or preserved blueberries were my only choices because it's really important to them that they use only locally sourced, seasonal fruit. Bananas are never in season anywhere north of Mexico. It's May. Somewhere, not too far south of here (at least not as far south as Mexico) it is strawberry season. I'm not just complaining because I hate bananas, either.

That said, I enjoyed my waffle and I wished I'd ordered"twin". It wasn't as good as my sister-in-law's, but what can you do? She lives in California.

We left thinking that we should just break down and buy our own waffle iron, despite our principles against "one use kitchen appliances" (the way I rationalise the pasta maker: I use it to make my own crackers in addition to pasta).


jonemo said...

I love how this place was totally overhyped when it opened and now that people actually try it they realize that it's just another mediocre food outlet.

Incident Alice said...

Yeah. In principle, it should be awesome, which is what I think was so exciting for everyone. Oh well.

bez said...

The chicken & waffles are good, now that they're using Murray's as the supplier.

If you're looking for help in justifying a dual use waffle iron, see

Incident Alice said...

Ah, yes, but I don't eat chicken! I do like the regular waffles though.

And that waffleizer website is pretty awesome. Thanks!