Monday, June 6, 2011

Ideas for Slate Magazine.

I know I get myself into these things. I'm fully aware of it. But, sometimes you need a release. A bit of fluff. Some amusement. Other women read Cosmo. I read Slate. Sometimes the articles are interesting. A lot of them are stupid and some are offensive. All of them must be taken with a large, grain of salt.

They have a particular type of article where one of the reporters makes a confession about not like something that everyone appears to like and then spends the rest of the time cajoling the readers into admitting that they really don't like it either.

If you'll pardon the expression, I read an article today that literally "took the cake". An anti-pie article called "It's gloppy, it's sloppy, it's un-American" by some giant ass named Nathan Heller. My first thought was, "I can't believe the presence of a pie actually affects someone so much as to make the entire afternoon unpleasant."

The rest of the article is about how we all eat pie because we think we're supposed to according to tradition and now trend, but really, let's just admit that it's not very good, because the author, apparently doesn't understand why other people like it, so they must be lying.

Clearly Slate is struggling for article subjects if they are attacking something as innocuous as pie (I mean really, why the hell does Nathan Heller care if other people eat pie??). To help them, Ryan and I came up with some possible titles for future articles.

"Puppies are just not that adorable - why can't we admit it?"

"Why we should all eat babies."

"Being inexplicably rude to strangers is a good idea."

"Paradise: Returning to the Religions of our Forefathers"

"Fear God!  FEAR HIM!"

"Walking: is this primitive form of locomotion overrated?"

 "Chewing your food may be worse for you than you thought."

 "Stop Blinking: Why Your Eyes Are Crying"

"Why Stubbing Your Toe Isn't As Painful As You Think It Is."

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Stephanie said...

Come on. There is a great line in there about the pie having been masticated by a dog. Worth a laugh at least, right?? I would read your toe-stubbing article :)