Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Email from my husband II

From: Ryan
To: Alice
Subject: re: Jeeves had an interesting walk this morning

Jeeves is a white dog with brown spots.  His ears are lopsided!

This morning, Jeeves went for a walk.  He got to smell his favourite corner.

Then he went up to the levee near Fall Creek.  There is a big willow tree
on the other side of the creek.

CRICK! CRACK!  What's that sound?  It's the willow tree!
The willow tree is falling over!  CREEEeeeaaak.
SPLASH! into the creek.

At the end of the path, Jeeves turns left onto Cayuga St.  There is a fire
truck here.  And there is an ambulance in the driveway.

Look at that! A stag is walking down the road!  He looks a little scared.

Jeeves follows the stag down Cayuga Street and left onto Falls Street.  There
are two other dogs on Falls Street, and the stag runs away.

Wow! What a morning.  Jeeves needs a nap.

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