Wednesday, July 13, 2011

When I mistook my thumb for a carrot.

Chopping carrots last night, I sliced my thumb open pretty badly. I rushed over to the sink and rinsed it, while gripping it in anguish and tried to decide what to do.

I was fairly certain I needed a stitch or two, but, I really did not want to waste an evening in the urgent care and Gannett was closed. My phone was luckily on the floor and not somewhere where I'd have to dig for it. I used my toe and my good hand to open it and then my good hand to call Ryan, who was walking home. I sobbed and yelled about thumb pain. He ran home in the 90 degree F heat and in all of Ithaca's glorious humidity!

Then he drove over to the hardware store and bought some superglue. He cleaned off my thumb, poured rubbing alcohol over it (stingy!!) and after I dried it off with a piece of gauze, he glued my cut back together.  

What a guy.


slartibartfast said...

I would recommend applying antibacterial cream every day, and a splint to keep it from being re-opened. Worked for my severed fingertip.

Stephanie said...

i had a similar run in with a pear a few years back. feel better!