Thursday, August 11, 2011

I need to figure out how to get paid to write.

It seems odd to me that these people picked their Great Dane puppy because he was a runt. Surely, if you are going for a breed that is known for being huge, the hugeness is part of the appeal. I'm just going to chalk it up to the barely coherent article and then sulk for awhile that someone was paid to write this drivel and it wasn't me. 

Someone was also paid to write this, which I didn't finish reading. In fact I stopped just after the words "intellectual disabilities" because one can't take anyone seriously if they are using "intellectual disabilities" as a "polite" way to refer to people who are developmentally disabled. 


carmar76 said...

randomly stopped by - SO TRUE!

and also, excellent choice of a clip from the greatest movie in the history of great movies. ; )

Conscious Zombie said...

I stopped reading this post just after the words "developmentally disabled" because I can't take anyone seriously if they are using "developmentally disabled" as a "polite" way to refer to retards. Also, that's the end of the post.