Thursday, December 29, 2011

Garden Plan

I'm working on planning the garden for next year. Last year, we didn't do much in it because our garden is so crappy sun-wise and I didn't really have time to get into a pissing contest with our downstairs neighbour (she kept trying to plant things where we had already planted things...."I was thinking about putting some garlic here, what do you think?" "Um. That's my herb garden. See these plants I'm picking right now? I put them in my food to make it taste better." I won't talk about her destroying our mint - it's too upsetting.

This  year, however, I will have time to stake my claim properly. And with carte blanche from Steve to do whatever we like to the garden in the name of vegetable growing, I intend to get rid of the ugly, invasive tiger lilies from the front patch and plant tomatoes there. Beans and peas in the area we have previously used for tomatoes (they will supposedly do better with less sun than tomatoes). The really exciting part of the plan is that we are going to experiment with container gardening on the roof of the garage: eggplant and sweet pepper.

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