Friday, April 20, 2012

I (Ryan) finally figured out how to get therapy for me. So I've been seeing a therapist.

I've been twice and mostly we've discussed my background. I also told her about being screamed at by Dr. Parker and she mused that it may have reminded me of my father treating me in a similar manner.

I was thinking about that just now as I was doing the dishes and then I realised something. I've been yelled at by an awful lot of people, mostly bosses, one boyfriend. Is it normal to have had a number of people yell at you?

Not including my father, my business partner from my school horse program yelled at me, my ex-boyfriend, Al yelled at me (I yelled back though, occasionally), Dr. Parker. I'm sure at least one other. Am I just totally irritating or do I spend more time than most people with males who need anger management training?

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