Sunday, June 3, 2012


1. I packed a bag for the hospital. Jeeves sleeps on it a lot. I don't know why.

2. Ryan finally figured out what to do with those dry fava beans we have that refuse to cook. He made felafel. It was yummy.

3. I bought ice lollies to go to the hospital with us because every thing I read suggest them. However, there is a catch. If I know there are ice lollies in the freezer, I will eat them. So, I didn't want to buy them too soon. However, I'm trying to "be prepared" so I did want to buy them. I ended up buying 2 boxes, raspberry and mango. I thought, if I eat 3 of each, I'll still have a whole box for the hospital. I just ate the seventh one.

4. Barnaby spent two days vomiting foamy yellow bile occasionally. As he was due for some vaccinations anyway, I took him to the vet. He's fine. Then, that night, I got in to bed. Turns out, he'd been sick in the bed. I found that out after I got into bed.

5. I heard a funny story at the place at which I have been volunteering. I really can't go into detail because it's not appropriate to post online, but I will say this: it involved a "bag of wigs".

6. The baby is due in less than a month. I have been so tired and frustrated and in pain (my feet are rebelling against any form of use) that I am much less "ready" than I was 2 weeks ago.

7.  Sometimes the fear of anxiety-induced insomnia makes me dread going to bed. Also, now, the fear of dog sick in the bed.

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