Friday, February 16, 2007

2. Onwards and Upwards

So far, I´ve had no problems with the food. I say this because everyone has been afraid I was going to get sick. I did have to eat a fish today though, which was strange.

(I guess "no carne" didn´t mean what I thought it would. I was sort of expecting it though)

We got to SFO really early and then almost missed our flight because John + I were drinking mini-bottles of airport wine.

When we got to our airline at LAX there was a two man samba band. They had a flute and a Yamaha home organ, which, when they took there ¨set break¨, they just left on some random automatic beat thing. It was very surreal, almost Lynchian especially because the Avianca Air staff were wearing straw hats and plastic leis, which they were also giving to us. I kind of thought they would show up with cutesy sugary umbrella-y drinks and start telling us how they were the "cool" airline. But it didn´t happen.

Instead they mangled my brother´s bag. When it slid out on the baggage claim thing, it was in a giant plastic bag. Someone had scrawled ¨happened in LA¨on some piece of tape that was holding the whole thing together. It was a little disheartening.

Now we are in Bogota, having gone the Museo d´Oro, eaten lunch or dinner or whatever the hell time of day it is. Tonight we´ve the last leg of our journey, to Lima and Jessie. Hopefully between the airport and hostel, we´ll find her.

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Karen said...

i miss you and love you!

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