Saturday, February 17, 2007

3. Suits and Beer

We are sitting in a bar in the Centro De Bogota called Moulin Bleu. After walking all over, it was time to sit, so here we are, with 11 beers between us.
The seating area is really just a lot of cushions, in turquoise, pink, red and yellow on the floor. Everyhing seems very orange and beautiful people are sitting around us in pairs. I think we´re in the make out room.
One couple, a man in one of these fantastic suits that are everywhere and a woman with amazing long black hair clipped back are kissing and cuddling across from us. People are very expressive here.

The fantastic suits are straight out of the 70´s and are very well fitted. The ties are the best part, fat and multicolored. The striped ones are the best. I really want to buy a tie but I don´t have anyone to give it to, we stopped in a shop that was a small white room in the side of a building that had tiny rolled up tie sized shelves - they were so bright it looked like candy.

Earlier, we met Angie, who in her own youth of 20-on-Wednesday, kept exclaiming "wow you are so young" to our respective 27, 25 and 33.

A man just set up with his guitar next to us and it sounds great. For all I know, he´s just playing pop covers - the girl next to us, when she´s not necking with her friend, keeps singing along- but it sounds great to me.

Our plane for Lima leaves in a few hours but we keep putting off getting a cab, not because we don´t want to leave but more because it feels so right to be here.

Love to all.

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