Friday, March 16, 2007

Silly news people-Kirk Cameron isn't interesting!

I had a conversation tonight with Ryan about the inanity of news b-roll, which reminded me of my foray into the world of television yesterday.

I thought I might give it a shot and I ended up watching 15 minutes of some idiot on MSNBC "interviewing" former tv child star and current religious nutcase Kirk Cameron (Growing Pains, Left Behind) while presumptuous and sensationalist b-roll played. Think a combination of clips from such films as Ben Hur and David vs. Super Goliath in addition to shots in seedy dive bars to demonstrate the moral demise of Hollywood as the reason why The Passion of the Christ was so popular (nothing to do with the fact that our country is stocked with people who will pay for anything that gives them a free pass out of the guilt of social responsibility, including the belief that someone else will show up and absolve them of all their bad deeds providing that they hate gay people).
I think that in this case and probably lots of other cases, the b-roll was mainly to distract the audience from what was actually being said, due to the fact that what was being said was total crap.

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jessiebikes said...

yay noodles and japanese blackkface! you know, the last time i was in a hotel that had cable i watched this show called gilmore girls and then some other show about these kids in college taking a class about sexuality. i was so blown away by images of the united states i spent the whole next day thinking about it, and then got confused and thought that the college kids were friends of mine. anyways...i miss you too. your a way better friend than those stupid college kids anyways.