Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Bloody Noses and Dirty Hippies Part The Second

Apparently, the dirty hippy with the gum disease is in love with me. I was informed of this today by his closest friend, simultaneously being warned not to "touch that". I think he meant figuratively as in pursuing a relationship, but I chose to take it literally and said,

"Don't worry. You couldn't pay me to touch him."

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jessiebikes said...

hey dude, sorry about the bloody nose. if it makes you feel any better, i used to work in this convenience store in ohio, and it was soooo boring that i used to get rediculously stoned before going to work just because it made it all more bearable. anyways, one day instead of walking through the door, i accidentally walked right into the front window. my boss was inside waiting for me to show up. at least the only witness to your run in with the wall was your dog. i think that's better than a boss, but then again i didn't get a bloody nose so who knows. i hope you're good!