Thursday, July 19, 2007

Charmingly awful

I'm collecting some of my favorite pictures from Lulu.

This is along the same lines as wanting to decorate a room in my house entirely with original artwork found at thrift shops and garage sales.

I like the idea that someone poured their heart and soul into something absolutely mediocre - whether or not they are aware of their mediocrity. I think that the idea is beautiful and smacks of effort that is so rare in today's sarcastic*, lazy world, albeit that it is somewhat painful for me, the observer.

Not to say that these people's books are necessarily bad, I can't say as I have not read them. I can say, however, that their pictures sure are.

I'd like to mention as I have already said, that I love the principal of Lulu, I just wish it was better organized. It is the ultimate representation of American democracy - the ability to take things into your own hands, faulted by it's own lousy programming. The opportunity for free speech for everyone, even those who possibly should not have it.

Coming Soon....

This blog, as seen on The Internet, published by Lulu.

*I am aware of the "pot-kettle" implications of this statement.

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slartibartfast said...

There's nothing charming about that first one.