Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Can you pass The Mull of Kintyre test?

My brother sent me this link, with the question "Can you pass the Mull of Kintyre test?"

It's British bureaucracy at it's finest: to have a designation for erection appropriateness and to make is as arbitrary as a rudely shaped bit of geography.

I had a lot of responses;

No. I fail it, constantly."

To which he responded:

"I'm quite disturbed that you can take it at all."

I countered:

"Well. The reason I fail it so resoundingly is that I have a constant erection.

In a jar."


"Actually, it's because of my little problem."

Finally I descend into childishness*:

"That's funny because I've got a thingy that looks just like a peninsula!"

And then idiocy:

"Mah Mull of Kintyre is too big.

Mah Mull of Kintyre is Too Big!

Mah Mull of Kintyre is TOOO BIG!



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