Thursday, July 26, 2007

James Bond: Pawn of the Western Propoganda Machine

My father's views on the article mentioned below - he was able to see the original films when they were first released. He's that old. :

"But it all was tied up so closely to its time. The West was drunk over
unfounded claims of superior military power, technology was peeping its
head and amazing the donkey riders in the streets of London, the shock
of Soviet Sputnik only enlivened the imagination but pressured the
propagandists for more make belief.

When I watched Dr. Who in Leicester Square Warner Brothers theater, I
recall a mixture of three feelings: excitement at the unshakably self
confidence of Jamsie (something to emulate?), his gadgets, which were
not so many, but a distinct feeling of disgust at the subtle whipping of
anti-Soviet feelings.

The title of "From Russia with Love" was my confirmation - although, in
a sense, it did not take direct digs at the achievements of those who
sent the first man in space and helped many countries withstand the
onslaught of Uncle Sam... Still it achieved that aim in another subtle
and smooth take: by simply demonstrating that the reaction of Soviet
officials is exactly what the worst Right wing tabloids had been telling
the innocent sheep. Watching in the darkness the, dazed and bewildered,
how a single man, "with 2 liters of alcohol coursing in his system"
RELIEVE them of a nightmare the propagandists wanted them to have.

It was the time. And Jamsie Bondo was the man."

I'm assuming he meant Dr. No and not Dr.Who and his reference to "Jamsie Bondo" is really a reference to "Jerzy Bondov" from The Living Daylights.

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