Thursday, July 26, 2007

James Bond: Incompetent Boob

Those of you who know me may not know that I am a James Bond Fan, as they say. I've seen almost every James Bond film, barring anything starring Pierce Brosnan as he is dreadful. More dreadful than, say, George Lazenby. Maybe.

Anyway. This article espouses the poor quality of Bond's spying abilities as demonstrated in the movie Goldfinger (for a more informative link, go here). For example, his managing to get two sisters killed, both of whom he has coaxed into bed with him at some point or another (one by raping in a stable yard!).

At first, I was upset and disappointed by the article. Who was James Bond if he wasn't a successful, magnetic, attractive (albeit usually somewhat flabby with the exception of Daniel Craig's portrayal ...sigh) debonair super spy, full of smarts and class and romanticism with a touch of a wifebeating devil-may-care attitude...?

Then I remembered that the reason I watch James Bond is the kitsch and the tragic ludicrousness... or perhaps the ludicrous tragedy.

And nothing is more ludicrously tragic than a drunk, incompetent spy.

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