Monday, July 16, 2007

We made cheese

We made neufchatel cheese. That biology professor has a recipe for
pretty much what we made.


Ryan and I made cheese this weekend. I had a particularly frustrating day at work on Friday, no thanks to the technical geniuses at (I believe that Lulu hires people who weren't savvy enough to maintain positions at Fry's).

True to form, Ryan suggested making cheese upon my request for "something fun" to do, which is what we did on Saturday evening and part of Sunday. Interspersed with watching Fargo and Drop Dead Fred, of course, two memorable films.

The cheese turned out soft and salty, very creamy and delicious.

Next step, I'm going to suggest this to Ryan, is that we make an entire meal from scratch.

Soup, bread, cheese, fresh salad and PIE. All from ingredients picked and grown by us or at least locally grown/produced.

Following this will be our local stew incorporating indigenous plants.

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