Monday, August 13, 2007

Craigslist, always entertaining.

Saw this ad, while perusing Craigslist. I clicked on it, not because I'm in the market to rent a 4 bedroom mansion in Hillsborough for $6500 a month, instead to see what a $6500 a month rental (that's $1650 a room, mind you) would get you.

Upon reading the ad, I realized that it gives you the right to abuse a thesaurus:

One of the parts of the "public living space" (the description of the house is divided into "public" and "private") is a "gated service yard". This was my favourite part of the ad. Why? because of this line:

* Service Yard is gated and a wonderful area to sequester kids, plants or pets

You know, in case your kids, plants and pets need to withdraw into monastic seclusion.

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