Friday, August 10, 2007

Animals wierder than me

I'm always on the look out for things that are weirder than I am. It helps me feel secure.


Here's the latest, an article from the BBC about a dog with two (2) noses. Forwarded to me by my brother and also seen on Fark.

"He said: "While we were there, sitting by the fire one night, I saw an extraordinary-looking dog that appeared to have two noses.

I was sober at the time, and then I remembered the story that the legendary explorer Colonel Percy Fawcett came back with in 1913 of seeing such strange dogs in the Amazon jungle.

Nobody believed him, they laughed him out of court."

Also from the article

"[The dog] was "quite an aggressive little chap" who stood about 16 inches in height and loved salt biscuits but "wasn't a terribly handsome dog"."


"He's very intelligent and with a wonderful sense of smell, as you might think."

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