Monday, August 20, 2007

Making fun of California

Years ago, after the gubernatorial elections resulting in California's current administration line up, I said to a friend,

"Shit. Now we can't make fun of Minnesota anymore."

Now, it's possible, that Michigan won't be able to make fun of us anymore:

Although, I have to say that Ted Nugent is a far more appropriate person to run for political office, given the fact that he has, well, opinions about stuff, as opposed to Mr. Schwarzenegger, who has opinions about his hummer.

"At least he has an ethos"

It's interesting because on the point of catching his own food and not liking Hilary Clinton (albeit he is a bit more vehement on this point), I agree with him: I can't say I agree with anything Mr. Schwarzenegger believes in because as far as I can tell, he doesn't believe in anything, particularly.


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