Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What a strange, strange looking man.

Ryan emailed me telling me he needed more t-shirts. He asked me what I thought of this one, from American Apparel (in lapis).

For those too lazy to click the link*, I've provided the offending picture below and must ask the question: What the hell were they thinking?The man looks like it's laundry day and he's borrowed his mother's shirt in order to go to the laundromat between his Cheetoh snack break and the next episode of Judge Judy. Possibly, if he feels up do it, he might play some Playstation later on or watch a porno if his mother decides to go to bridge tonight. Either that or he's Gene Wilder's illegitimate son. Maybe he's both.

For more amusing t-shirts that are actually wearable: www.threadless.com

*Addendum 27 November 2007: They have since changed the picture. It is no longer of the sad, sad man pictured above, it is of the gaunt, large-headed man below. Please buy something from American Apparel. This man needs to eat.

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