Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Lists: Odd Things

*The garbage disposal in the kitchen sink is a model called the “In-Sink-Erator”

*My iGoogle account features a little fox like creature that goes about his day, while I go about mine. I’m fiercely jealous of him because his day is spent waking up, doing a little laundry, hanging out with his bird friends, eating sushi, reading a book and harvesting his watermelons. Mine is spent watching him do these things, periodically, throughout the work day.

*I got a missed call yesterday from a 415 number. I Googled it, as I do with every unrecognized number I get. I’m quite guilty of the modern day cell phone protocol of taking full advantage of caller ID: I never answer numbers I do not recognize and I usually don’t answer restricted/unknown numbers unless I’m expecting my parents to call. Once, in college, my number was mistakenly printed in the local Pennysaver classifieds as the contact information for an entertainment center among other various items. I answered the first call because it was the area code was the same as mine and I thought perhaps it was an old friend trying to get in contact with me. The man asked about the entertainment center he’d seen advertised and I said,

“I’m sorry; I believe you have the wrong number. I haven’t placed any ads in the Pennysaver.”

He responded with “Oh. What about the speakers?”

I had a few more calls like this; most people were apologetic, one person was quite rude and accused me of lying to avoid selling the center to him. I finally stopped answering the phone calls and, upon further introspection decided that if it had been an old friend, they would have left a message and I could have called them back. So I stopped answering phone numbers I didn’t recognize.

The results of my Google search yesterday were surprisingly fruitful. Typically, when you Google a number, it doesn’t really tell you much except that perhaps the owner had a Verizon account at one point. This one came up with one search item and it was a phone book entry for San Francisco. From someone I went to high school with. Not someone I ever spoke to or had any contact with in any capacity: he was a weird, skinny kid with a terrible hair cut and 2 years older than me. We had no mutual friends/connections except we potentially bought pot from the same people. So it had to have been a wrong number, but a wrong number from someone whose identity I recognized? Very odd.

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