Thursday, January 31, 2008

Soy Milk and Britney Spears

My chair points me directly to the flat screen television which is on all day long at work. I've heard they even have one in the men's bathroom, so that you don't miss anything while you are peeing.

Here is an example of something you might miss:

According to CNBC this morning, soy is apparently a solid investment these days as its popularity is increasing. There is not enough soy to go round and it is closing in on corn as the crop that fuels the world. Credibility of this story soy as an investment is leant by showing a reporter, live, standing in the soy milk aisle holding a carton of Silk ™. Also helpful: a B-roll interview of a purported “health conscious” someone who buys soy milk with the byline “Soy Milk Consumer”:

“I had thought it would taste really bland, but it really doesn’t!”

It’s hard, however, to take any “news” story seriously, no matter how many credibility lending attributes the producer has tried to give it such as shots of tractors being driven around, soy beans being poured from one receptacle to another and smug news anchors seated at a desk with two open laptops in front of them, when it’s followed by “CNBC’s Unofficial Obsession with Blonde Celebrities Indicator” featuring shots of Britney Spears being taken away in an ambulance.

She’s not even very blonde.

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