Friday, February 22, 2008

Researching Ithaca | European Presidency

I'm trying to find out what it's going to be like to live in Ithaca. In addition to researching the geography of the area, weather patterns and what's available on Craigslist, I went to and looked up some statistics about housing and living costs. I found this comment, by Rob from Cortland:

"Finding a place to live is virtually impossible if you aren't loaded to the gills with money! Rent is out of this world and buying a home is out of this universe."

This alarmed me. I already live in a place where housing costs are out of this universe.
Then I read this:

"However if you have a good 1000 to blow per month on rent and dont mind that then its the town for you."

And breathed a sigh of relief, tinged, slightly, with snobbery. $1000 a month? That wouldn't get you a refrigerator box with a hot plate in this town. Maybe in Mountain View. Not here though.

"The county is very poverty loaded. Jobs are few and far between unless your a teacher or medical professional."

Once again, a little anxiety. What the hell am I going to do there?

"It is well known to be a haven for the Hippy type however they must be yuppie hippies since a real hippy couldnt afford to live here."

Oh dear.

"Its also a well know haven for upstate gay people they have domestic partnerships."

Indifference. It makes no difference to me how many gay neighbours I have, as long as there are plenty of gay bars.

"They dont list the crime rate for the city here but it seems to me to be a high one compared to nearby towns."

I wonder what he means by this. As far as I can tell, there aren't any nearby towns worth mentioning.
In other, much more important news, Tony Blair wants to run for President of Europe. Fortunately, people are already rallying against him. Can you imagine a world with Hillary Clinton as President of the US and Tony Blair as President of Europe? It seems my dreams of moving to Bhutan might need to be examined more closely.

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