Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Lists: more from the Internet

This article in the NY Times, lead me to a picture of Tennessee Fainting Goats, which of course lead me to YouTube, where I found the following clip:

Summary of the comments that I scanned: Mostly just people feeling sorry for the goats (which I agree with) or they think the goats are funny (which I also agree with). There were people discussing how stupid the goats were for evolving such a useless trait and worst of all, using the goats as an argument in favour of creationism and one comment suggesting group selectionism (shudder) as a possible positive result of the mutation. There were also quite a few comments with regards to the fact that the trait has remained in the species because people keep breeding the goats with the mutation and thus is continues to be passed on (and is it really such a stupid trait, if it managed to interest humans enough to continue to breed from the 3 original goats with the mutation?).

I was going to have a long diatribe at how awful our public school education system is and how stupid people are and what a crime it is that parents don't instruct their kids about the value of knowledge and learning about the world around you.

But you all know that stuff already. Poor goats.

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