Friday, May 2, 2008


I went to see Chris Cotton play last night. Here's a news article about him. It was at Biscuits & Blues, downtown, and perhaps I've been reading too much Dashiell Hammett and PG Wodehouse recently, but I felt like I'd been sent back in time to some 1920's speakeasy, except we weren't all as well dressed as we would have been. You walk into a blue grey room with a girl sitting behind a counter and merchandise lying around. It could easily be some little SF boutique that sells who knows what, except that there's a stairwell at the back, which you go down into a dimly lit room with red table cloths and candles. And of course the music is old time, finger picking blues. He even played "Won't you come home Bill Bailey" at one point. It also helped that I knew a lot of people there and people who I'd seen around and recognized kept appearing.

Lots of fun.

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