Saturday, May 10, 2008


The menu will now consist of:

Pickled onions (made again - this time crunchier and thus better) (check)
Olives (check)
Pickled mushrooms (a delicious check)
Something other than the awful Marinated Artichokes I made this evening.
Roasted Green Beans
Just White Beans (Moosewood again)
Fresh bread (a-rising as I type)

Main Course:
Stuffed Courgettes in a Red Pepper Sauce, with Tomato Risotto, plus Multi Bean Salad

Chocolate mousse, with Kate's Vegan Cheesecake with Blood Orange Glaze.

The lemon mousse was a disaster, and clearly the people who instructed me to use "silken tofu" to make mousse have never actually eaten mousse. Because it's nothing like mousse, no matter how you blend it. It is pudding that they are instructing you to make, so rather than make the intended mousse, I made Lemon Pudding. Which wasn't terrible, it just wasn't mousse. Far better choice: Coconut milk, whipped in a chilled bowl, with a teaspoon of agar and some cream of tartar. The added bonus is that you don't have to use tofu, which is not my favourite for a number of reasons. Being linked to Alzheimers, the Plaster of Paris content, and the fact that it is in so many vegetarian dishes that I eat at restaurants, leave me bored, a little terrified of it and not interested in cooking it at home very often. Not that I don't eat it often, but seitan or tempeh are both much more interesting "substitutes".


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hey alice! your menu looks sweet, and i totally agree with you on the overuse of tofu in the vegan/vegetarian diet. unfortunately here it is the one soy product i can get ahold of regularly. keep cookin' good-lookin'!